Donnie Darko

The name of the movie suggests a very super-hero like person to be the main character and when

asked by his fellow classmate and girlfriend about his name he answered,’what makes you think I am not?’. The main character of this psychological drama and science fiction is Donnie Darko is a mysterious high school teenager who is extremely smart and talented but not absolutely normal. A scene from the movie describes a small road close to an old lady’s house. Donnie and his dad drive by after school and stop immediately when they see grandma death standing in front of the mailbox. Donnie gets out and tells her maybe she will get a mail later when she whispers in his ear something mysterious. It is an interesting scene planted amidst the other confusing and mysterious scenes.

‘The Inception’ is a movie similar to Donnie Darko because a lot of things happen in and out of time where many scenes are confusing and takes the audience back and forth. The main character of the inception takes more support of scientific data and the scientific world whereas Donnie Darko is more psychological and thrilling.

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